We believe that there’s no future for pollution.

At a time when protecting the planet is one of the humanity’s key concerns, at Terrao, we are committed to this fight. Pollution is not a fatality, and our technology is one of the best options to get rid of it, through three simple and ambitious plug and play solutions.

We are specialists in heat exchangers, and for us, pollution is not an inevitability but rather several issues that can be solved through technology. Then decontamination becomes a new and never-ending source of resources. We have therefore developed solutions to treat gas and smoke, to recover and recycle heat and to disinfect air, offering an alternative to the planet’s main pollution problems.

By locally reproducing what the Earth does, we aim to play a key role in triggering a positive change in industrial stakeholders and structure today, tomorrow’s world– A pollution free world. Moreover, through our technology and these three plug and play solutions (TerraoSave, TerraoPur and TerraoTherm), We want to commit ourselves to an approach based on generosity and transparency, so that every stakeholder becomes aware of the role he can play in the continuous fight against pollution.

Terrao is therefore a combatant in the war on pollution, which through its plug and play gas and smoke treatment, heat recovery and recycling, and air disinfection solutions, aims to ensure that this scourge will be no longer an issue in the coming years.

For Terrao, there’s no future for pollution.

1 technology, 3 solutions

A single principal conveyed through different solutions adapted to each specific need


Heat Recycling


Smoke Treatment


Air Purification

According to your needs and as partners in your plans,

we offer you support and guidance in your project from start to finish.

by offering you our existing range of standard manufactured products adapted to your processes;

by conducting a study in order to meet the specific needs of your processes and objectives;

by providing a part of your solution delivered to a final customer.

Our Team


Jaouad ZEMMOURI, CEO of the Terrao Group

Committed to the energy transition and air pollution elimination, Jaouad is a university Professor, and a renowned researcher in the field of physics and complex systems dynamics. Inventor of the Terrao technology and a convinced entrepreneur, he has a track record of successful industrial innovations in France and abroad.


Administrative Department

Responsible for contract management, on-boarding, correspondence, schedules and accounting, the company’s Administrative Department consists of a good-natured and
serious team dedicated to each task. It is managed by Cécile, who has been working in the group since 2015.

Cécile GLERAN,
Administrative and Financial Manager


Commercial Department

Offers advice, explanations, demonstrations and follow-up, the company’s Commercial Department is available for our present and future customers to support them in the choice of the best solution according to their needs. Daily work at this department is characterised by friendliness, expertise and thoroughness. It is managed by Michael, since 2021.

Michael TRIDEAU,
Sales Manager


Technical Department

Employing electricians, carpenters, technicians, automation specialists, designers and engineers, the company’s Technical Department is full of talents managing production,
installation and maintenance of each Terrao solution.
Located in Coudekerque-Branche, it has been managed by Muhammad since his arrival in the company in 2015.

Muhammad Yaseen,
Site Manager


R&D Department

Responsible for researching new solutions, innovations and providing technical support during studies, the R&D Department develops the solutions based on our technology to answer to any air pollution or smoke issue. It is managed by Jaouad.

They trust us


Our Investors

In December 2020, the company’s fundraising actions resulted in it successfully securing €4 million from the “Banque des Territoires et de l’Etat” as a part of the Investments of the Future program. The objective of this funding was to support and accelerate the development of Terrao’s technology and solutions in France and abroad.

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