Recycling of

steam boiler smoke


Project details:

Client: Socopic – Ajinomoto – operated by Dalkia

Project: Recovery and use of waste heat in the animal feed industry

Sector: Agri-food industry

Location: Hauts de France – Amiens (80)

Beginning of the project: 2016

Objective of the project:

  • To reheat the water feeding the boiler using the waste heat discharged into the chimney, for thermal needs between 300 and 750 kW, depending on the site’s steam needs.

  • To reduce the chemical consumption at the site and specifically to neutralise boiler purges.

Key figures/results:

3004 mwh chaleur récupérée
of heat
147 mwh

of power consumed

  • Water temperature increased from 33°C to 40.4°C
  • Purges neutralised by the acidity produced by CO2 capture, replacing an additional acid
  • COP installation: 20.5
  • 760 T of CO2 avoided per year
  • Return on investment: 3.6 years
Denis Bobillier - Dalkia

This is the first industrial TerraoSave installation of this size. The performance meets our expectations, the results are highly satisfactory.
It is a significant success.

Denis Bobillier, 
Director of Technical Matters and Key Projects at Dalkia Nord Ouest

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