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heat recycling

The TerraoTherm heat exchanger

is a pioneering heat recycling solution.

For use in heating, air conditioning or humidity control – whether for comfort, productivity, maintaining product quality or building conservation – it is essential to treat the indoor air. This is creating significant operating costs and causing an imbalance for our planet. TerraoTherm offers a solution that combines profitability with sustainability.
Our solution is based on heat recycling, using the calories or frigories of our environment that normally go to waste. Thanks to Terrao, waste heat becomes a highly usable thermal energy source, whether at high or low temperatures.

Up to 5 different uses in 1 system


Heat using a low-cost and sustainable process that captures the calories present in warm, humid or hot air and distribute new air heated by the recovered energy.

Air conditioning

Cool down and refresh facilities by providing coolness levels always controlled, thanks to a temperature and humidity set point, simultaneously reducing your energy bill.


Dehumidify the air by taking advantage of the dew point phenomenon: the lower the
temperature, the lower the dew point of the air, making it easier to dehumidify.


Humidify the air by taking advantage of the dew point phenomenon: the higher the
temperature, the higher the dew point of the air, making it easier to humidify.

Air Renewal

Use heat recycling to replace indoor air with a minimum of energy consumption.

TerraoTherm Advantages

Reduction in energy consumption by 30% to 80%

High-quality indoor air and perfect humidity control

Suppression of discharge of contaminated air and waste heat into the atmosphere

Adaptation to every project specific requirement

Designed and manufactured in France

An answer to the challenges of energy transition

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Our Solutions and references

The air treatment solutions recommended by TerraoTherm are innovative, sustainable, cost-effective and can be adapted to different areas.


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