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Dehumidification of aquatic centres

Hot and humid air in aquatic centres is usually extracted in order to ensure users comfort and preserve facilities. Conventional dehumidification solutions discharge extracted air into the atmosphere while it creates large amounts of thermal energy. 

With TerraoTherm it is possible to recover almost all of the thermal energy in the extracted air. The energy comes from the air’s temperature as well as from the condensation of air humidity (latent energy). In a single system, TerraoTherm simultaneously dehumidifies the air and transfers energy, which can be distributed to heat the air and the water in pools or showers.

TerraoTherm’s dehumidification power makes the system suitable for large-volume humid areas.

During installation, it can be connected to a dehumidification circuit or directly to the waste air discharged in order to maximise the amount of energy recycled.


  • Drastic decrease in heating and dehumidification expenses
  • Environmental preservation through a complete recycling of water vapour
  • Rapid return on investment

Aquatic Centre, Hauts de France

Project details:

Client : Dalkia

Project: Dehumidification of aquatic centres

 Sector: Services

Location: Roubaix, Hauts-de-France

Beginning of the project: 2017

Key figures/results:


unit flow


power consumed

  • Power returned: 41 kW
  • Theoretical energy over 49 weeks: 255 MWh

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