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air purification

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Urgent need to take action

to improve indoor air quality in the public spaces

This is the most recent solution developed by TerraoLab’s which received the support of the European Union and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
TerraoPur provides a disinfected, decontaminated and temperature-controlled air in public spaces.
Choosing TerraoPur means supplying pure, breathable air that meets air replacement standards without associated energy waste when replacing volumes of air using conventional ventilation.

TerraoPur Advantages

High-quality breathable air

Air renewal according with standards and existing regulations

Contagions limitation via atmospheric aerosols

Designed and manufactured in France

A solution to the challenges of energy transition

Potential applications


TerraoPur gives the possibility to provide the airflow levels required by legislation, specifically 15 m³ per hour per student and 30 m³ per hour per teacher.

To meet this requirement, it is necessary to ventilate 540 m³ per hour and per class.

Strengths of the TERRAOPUR energy project
Classroom air is replaced more than 5 times per hour. Terrao fully meets the requirement with a minimum energy consumption and the simplicity of implementation without major works.

  • Ventilation in accordance with regulatory requirements enables a low CO2 level less than 1000 ppm. This healthy air limits contagion via atmospheric aerosols.
  • Outdoor air is filtered then heated or cooled before being distributed equally throughout a classroom, providing new air to students.

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