No future

for pollution

Terrao is committed to the global Humanity fight to protect the planet
Pollution should not be seen as a foregone conclusion.
Our technological solution is one of most efficient to get rid of it.


A revolutionary heat and material exchanger that reduces air pollution due to industrial and human operations.

Through a direct exchange mixing air or smoke with water, Terrao ensures an almost perfect calorie and material transfer between the two fluids.
This process results in the air and smokes cleaning and the recovery of the latent and sensible heat they contain. Water regeneration allows the contamination extraction


Covered by several patents, Terrao is a genuine technology innovation that opens a world of possibilities involved in the struggle for air quality and energy transition.

1 technology, 3 solutions

A single principal conveyed through different solutions adapted to each specific need.


Heat Recycling


Smoke Treatment


Air Purification

« You can’t leave a planet with polluted air to your children and tell you love them”

Based on this observation, I wanted to use my expertise and my scientific knowledge to find an efficient solution to fight against air pollution.
This is the chief purpose of Terrao

The geomimetism performed by Terrao implements the Earth balances to absorb the discharges related to human activities.

Therefore, the challenge for Terrao is to do immediately what the Earth should do over the long term.

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Whether you are involved in pollution reduction, heat recovery, or energy transition in an industrial environment, you may be interested in our solutions.

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