Preventing atmospheric pollution

caused by industrial discharges

We have the right solution:


TerraoSave treats the high-volume gas discharge

produced by industrial processes and boiler rooms

TerraoSave is a direct exchanger-washer that uses Terrao technology.
It collects industrial smoke, washes it and extracts the heat from it to produce highly recoverable.

For this purpose, TerraoSave extracts and mixes gas discharges with water or reagents traditionally used to wash effluents. This mixing allows the transfer of smoke matters into the liquid, facilitating the collection of pollutants and their treatment using conventional water regeneration techniques.
At the same time, it collects the sensible and latent heat present in the smoke.

Characterized by its easy implementation and outstanding performances, the Terraosave solution offers a rapid return on investment between 1 to 4 years

TerraoSave is relevant

for any hot gas discharges, at any temperature and with any composition:

30°C - 60°C and higher

Hot air from drying, humid air from processes Sectors: agri-food, paper-cardboard, chemicals...

70°C - 90°C and higher

Condensation from processes
Sectors: agri-food, paper-cardboard, chemicals...

90°C - 130°C and higher

Steam from processes, boiler room smoke
Sectors: agri-food, paper-cardboard, chemicals, boiler rooms...

130°C - 1000°C and higher

Combustion gas from ovens, incinerators, boilers, turbines
Sectors: Glass, metal, cement or brick industries, boiler rooms, incinerators…

How to use
the thermal energy recovered?

For a boiler room or incinerator, the energy comes from combustion fumes.
Regardless of its source, this energy is used in a heating network:

● internally: to heat sections of activities, offering significant energy savings
● externally: to be resold to the benefit of the customer

In boiler rooms, a TerraoSave installation brings fuel to his gross calorific value (definition: the gross calorific value is the thermal energy released during the complete combustion of a unit of fuel. This includes the heat released by the combustion and the heat discharged by the smokes produced by the combustion).

TerraoSave Advantages

A dual smoke washing and heat recovery solution

Can be adapted to very large and very small volumes

Easy to install (revamping)

Installation according to your needs

Designed and manufactured in France

A solution to the challenges of energy transition

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